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AMIF project maximises potential of refugees

The BIC’s social enterprise experts are at the heart of a unique project to integrate refugees into their local community and labour market, making the most of their valuable skills and talents.

The team is working closely with respected activist Sarah Ahmadi, to deliver the AMIF project, named after its funder the EU Asylum, Migration, and Integration Fund.

Doctors, Lawyers and Managers

The project aims to support migrants to fulfil their potential when they arrive on UK soil in search of safety and a better quality of life. It draws on Sarah’s own experienceas an asylum seeker forced to abandon a high-profile career in TV when she fled
war-torn Afghanistan.

The project found many refugees hold high level qualifications in their home countries in fields such as medicine, law, entrepreneurship and management but are held back in the UK by the language barrier.

Valuble contribution to the UK ecomony

The AMIF project is designed to identify their valuable skills and find ways to support their transition into appropriate employment in the UK. The BIC’s social enterprise team also helps those with entrepreneurial ambitions to start up their own business.

The structured course includes:

“This project brings bright new opportunities to the life of these people. Most of our learners were very isolated, unemployed and on benefits when they came to us. The project gives them confidence and the motivation to gain new skills.”

Ernest Dodds | Social Enterprise Adviser

Launched in September 2019, the programme runs in various locations around Tyne and Wear until 2022 and is expected to reach 350 people – well above the original target of 240 due to its popularity.

Among those to benefit from new opportunities are people from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan Syria and Tunisia.

Find out more about some of their success stories here.

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