Five Questions with…Sean Fraser

Having a passion for something can often give people the desire to become an entrepreneur and start their own business.  This was no exception for Sean Fraser who established Top Corner USA Limited in September 2015.

Sean has vast knowledge and experience in the football coaching world and after returning from a career in America decided to create life changing experiences for young people. We caught up with Sean to discuss his journey.
Describe your business
Top Corner USA Ltd is a coaching company designed to match young people to U.S soccer scholarships. Having spent 12 years in America, I have built up a professional network of American coaches.  Not only do I help young people find scholarships but I also provide them with ongoing coaching and support prior to them going out to America.

What have you learnt during your start up journey?

It is important to carry out market research before you begin to trade. This can also help generate interest from potential customers.
What advice would you give to someone thinking about self-employment?
Be prepared to make sacrifices and to be up against competitors.  There is competition in every industry.  I also found speaking to a business mentor, someone who is already running a business to be very beneficial.

What help did you receive from the BIC?

My business adviser Ron Anderson helped me put the business plan together in the preferred format and advised me on the steps to take whilst carrying out my market research.  He explained what I could and couldn’t do prior to registering the business.

If you weren’t doing this what would you be doing?

Something sport related.

You can read all about Sean’s start up journey here. 


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