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Natasha McDonough

Owner Natasha McDonough

According to NatWest Entrepreneurship Monitor, 27 per cent of Britons believe that now is a good time to set up their own business.

When I first met Natasha McDonough earlier this year, she too felt that it was a good time to become her own boss, and by the end of her first month trading, she had already secured five clients.

I recently caught up with Natasha to find out how her first six months in business had gone;

Describe your business?
McDonough Marketing Communications is a Sunderland-based marketing agency specialising in lead generation. I write strategies for clients, deliver their campaigns such as content marketing (blogs, articles, webinars), do their email marketing, social media and then help them convert all the leads we make into revenue.

The client always works with myself, and if we need more technical input such as SEO, PPC, design, branding or website builds, I have a great team of specialist Associates that I use.

Where did your idea come from?
I have around 20 years marketing experience and I’ve had exposure to many kinds of businesses having lived and worked in California, Sydney and London. Whilst I had freelanced in the past, the time was right to purely set up on my own and focus on growing a business and client base.

Having now lived in Sunderland for 8 years, I’ve built up a terrific business network around the North East. I love networking and introducing people, so figured I should also do it for myself.

What help did you receive from the BIC?
Lots – and it was all great! Mostly, you advised me to register as a provider for NBSL so my clients could get funding, which I did – and by the end of July I was running four NBSL projects.

You helped me prepare a profit and loss statement and cash flow forecast, which I found very useful and critical in mapping out my first year.

I remember being cautious about my forecasting but you urged me to increase my figures based on the business plan we had written and your belief in me. I took your advice and sure enough you were right! In fact I have overachieved my first three months forecast!

I also attended a networking event held at the BIC and was introduced to Louise Kennedy from Oculus HR. It was after talking to her I felt inspired to go for it.

Louise was doing exactly what I wanted to do, but where her focus was HR, my strength was marketing. We started chatting and I now work with Louise to deliver her marketing.

Who are your clients?
I’ve been working mostly with software and professional services businesses – such as recruitment, HR, training organisations and digital service providers.

What is your USP?
My marketing is all about the bigger picture of lead generation, not only how to generate leads but then how to nurture them and turn them into customers.

What are your company goals?
To become the go-to marketing specialist for specific sectors – software is already one that is showing positive signs – and to play a significant part in promoting those sectors within and outside of the region.

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