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Understanding and Supporting Social Innovation

September 25, 2019 @ 9:30 am – 3:00 pm
Life Science Centre, Times Square
Newcastle Upon Tyne
Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative
SFEDI - Understanding and Supporting Social InnovationA workshop for managers and leaders which will explore how social innovation can make a difference to your business and its plans
About this Event

The natural environment and the economic and social climate in which businesses operate is rapidly changing and impacting on everything we do, from the direction in which we steer our business to the day to day operations and ways in which we run our business. Some of this change is really exciting, creating wonderful opportunities and some of it can also be challenging.

For example demographic change is leading to greater age diversity within the workforce of the majority of businesses, where there are now the needs and values of four different generations of people to manage. Similarly, socio-cultural diversity is increasing with the greater movement of people.

These changes create a set of different learning and skills development needs and generates the need for innovative responses from external providers of education and training, both in terms of content and methods of delivery.


This interactive workshop will explore the opportunities and challenges for managers and leaders in different types of businesses in understanding and supporting social innovation. The workshop will start by reflecting upon the experiences of three guest speakers to create an agenda for discussion and experience exchange in how to manage the introduction and implementation of social innovations.

In addition, the workshop will profile the outcomes from an Erasmus Plus project, currently being led by SFEDI, focused on working with businesses to raise awareness of the opportunities and challenges in implementing social innovation at work.Refreshments and lunch will be provided.


The workshop will be of interest to managers and leaders in different types of businesses, ranging from owner-managers of small businesses to managers in medium and large businesses. In addition, the workshop will be of interest to those business support professionals working with businesses to support them in developing their business through social innovation.

What Next?

Come and join us on the 25th September at the Life Science Centre. Tickets are limited for this event so you are encouraged to book early to reserve your place. The event starts at 09.30 with refreshments and lunch provided.