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    Thanks for taking an interest in my profile!


    In a nutshell, I help business owners who are struggling to realise the growth they expect from their innovation investments. 


    So now, if you're still reading, here's the long bit...


    I've spent twenty-five years getting growth and innovation off the ground in companies from one person in size to large multi-nationals such as Honeywell, Draeger and Parker Hannifin. I've helped develop teams that have applied for over one hundred patents, design registrations and have otherwise been recognised through published trade journal articles. 


    I've taken groups through industry-recognised assessment programmes such as ‘Great Place to Work’ and ‘MX Awards’, the latter earning the overall national winners award in the product and process innovation category in 2012.


    I have a degree in mechanical engineering, although over the years I've set goals and helped steer the careers of scientists, electronics and software engineers also. I have an MBA from Durham University, where I return as a guest speaker from time to time. I am an accredited and practicing coach.


    Finally, I enjoy offering my time and experience for free to The Prince’s Trust as the regional awards panel chair and as a business mentor for budding young entrepreneurs based in the Durham area. 


    Please drop me a line and let's meet for a coffee. I'd love to hear all about your challenges to growth and if I can help, I will.