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    Tipple Associates Ltd is an established private company which operates as a flexible, informal group, drawing together appropriate skills and facilities from across the UK to perform specific projects. Many of the people have worked together previously on a wide variety of projects, generally focused on demanding commercial (not consumer) markets. Often this involves novel, patentable solutions, capable of providing clients with differentiated products they can defend, and the potential for Patent Box and R&D Tax Credits. It also commonly involves developing process and materials ‘know how’ and the formation of supply chains that provide a significant competitive advantage.

    Previous projects have spanned a wide variety of sectors including automotive, rail, construction, fire, medical devices, electronics, imaging, ‘green technologies’ and some elements of software. However, a common focus is creating products (and services) that are inherently reliable and economical in production and delivery, based on backgrounds in manufacturing engineering and product development.

    Typically the business delivers ‘white label’ services, so its involvement is generally invisible to the clients of its clients. However, it stands alongside clients in dealing with suppliers, approvals bodies and even clients, if they so wish.