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    FS Design is an experienced, creative product design and development consultancy based in the United Kingdom. We support clients with initial concept generation, product design and engineering, project management, production tooling and parts procurement.

    Established in 2002, we've earned an excellent reputation with prestigious clients in the automotive, industrial and commercial sectors.

    Our team members bring a wealth of experience from relevant positions in design, engineering and manufacturing industries. We're small enough to be flexible, so we tailor our service to every client's specific needs. Clients often choose FS Design to solve problems that others couldn't.

    We keep our promises, and always aim to exceed clients' expectations of cost, quality and delivery.

    Our team of designers, engineers and technologists have the exerience and confidence to drive your idea from a blank sheet of paper through to management of tooling, prototype build, testing and product launch.

    At the centre of the design process is a modern 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) system. We use industry standard software, and all our design engineers are expert level users. They come from backgrounds in design and manufacturing industries, and generate practical, cost effective ideas to every challenge our clients can give us, and turn them into reality.

    Our attention to detail at the early stages generates savings through the rest of the product life cycle, by optimising tooling and component manufacturing costs, and by increasing your products' reliability.

    We use the most appropriate techniques and technologies, from concept through to post production launch, delivering results with a service that's personal, professional and flexible, and tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs.

    Some clients need us to work independently and completely manage their product's design and development, while others want us to complement or integrate with an existing in-house development team. We're just as effective either way.

    Over the years we have grown a pool of reliable and trustworthy suppliers of prototype parts, test and other specialist services, production tooling and parts supply. These relationships help us to efficiently manage products into mass production.