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    NPL offers measurement services, technical R&D, consultancy and training to industry, academia and government.

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    NPL is a UK national science laboratory responding to the economic and social challenges of government and businesses, translating scientific research in to innovative products and services that provide business opportunities and change people’s lives.  Our achievements are a result of occupying a unique transition point between excellence in state of the art measurement research and knowledge and market demand for applied technical solutions.

    Our expertise and innovation eliminates the need for specialist in-house resources, reduces technical risk, and can deliver revenue, cost and time savings for complex technical challenges.  For over 110 years we have solved real world government and business problems and today this is applied to global customer requests from market sectors which include Advanced Manufacturing, Aerospace, Defence and Security, Digital Economy, Energy, Instrumentation, Healthcare and Sustainability. 

    NPL solutions are delivered in world-class research facilities using the outputs from significant research programmes supported by Government, and have been shown to be world leading in over 80% of science areas.  Customers have access to over 500 multi-disciplinary scientists along with an extensive national and international network of partners.  Our collaboration network of other science organisations, industry, academia and international laboratories prove invaluable to deliver the requirements of our customers who range from government departments, start-ups to large global multi-national corporations.   Independence and a reputation proven from our testimonials give absolute confidence that we will translate our science excellence in to current and future real world requirements of our customers.