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    Paragon Group is an international organisation present in 12 countries with a global sales reach, €400+ million turnover and close to 4,000 employees. 
    We are a privately owned company that is agile, innovative and dynamic. We transform our clients businesses by providing them with technology-driven solutions that drive real change within their business.We help businesses evolve to meet the demands of an ever-changing world. With a passion for innovation, we develop smart technology that streamlines our clients' business processes and transforms how they connect with customers.

    That’s what makes Paragon Service Point the ideal partner for modern business. Paragon is an international company offering business solutions to customers in 80 countries worldwide. We provide Document, Marketing, Access and Traceability solutions to help you connect with your customers. Service Point operates in 25+ locations across the UK. We work to genuinely understand your needs, challenge current processes with new ideas and suggest real improvements that could generate instant cost savings. From basic, but essential printing services to a totally managed solution across all areas of your document use - we can make a difference.

    Our solutions include:

    3D Printing, CGI and Visualisation

    The planning and tendering processes for projects in the built environment are increasingly complex and competitive and the increase in regulations places demands on all parties to a project. This requires new ways to demonstrate visually the vision of the architect and the ability of the construction company to deliver a project while respecting the surrounding environment.

    Paragon Visual FX is a multi-disciplined team skilled in 3D visualisation and 3D Printing, animation, graphic design, and film. We become part of the design process and work closely with clients to help them communicate their ideas and aspirations so that they are clearly understood by their target audiences. This enables our clients to win competitions, generate funding, gain planning permission, attract tenants and secure high levels of exposure.

    A well designed, targeted campaign can be incredibly powerful and Paragon delivers across multiple channels including print, web, mobile, email and SMS. Creatively, our in-house team supports your campaigns of any scale. We work in partnership with lead agencies, as well as producing original creative for smaller campaigns.  We are specialists in producing creative for extending brand campaigns and producing dynamic, personalised content across each channel.

    Exhibition and large format

    Paragon's exhibition solutions focus on maximising both your impact and Return on Investment. We offer all of the options necessary to make that big impression, from 3D visuals to demonstrate your objectives, to scalable promotional systems and full build exhibitions. Our services are designed to deliver your complete promotional needs on demand, on time and on budget. We supply everything from posters through to product literature and full-build exhibition solutions; all produced by dedicated local, national and global experts. With only one relationship to manage for all your display and associated print/marketing needs, you'll have total control and more time to focus on what you do best.

    Paragon has years of experience in the exhibition industry and has extensive expertise in visual communication. Our areas of expertise include exhibition stands, portable exhibits, event and conference decoration, display and decoration solutions and sound and picture. Paragon covers the entire spectrum of visual communication both commercially and culturally. Paragon's experienced project managers can help you with everything from the size of the exhibit, idea development, contracts with your subcontractors and equipment orders.

    Scanning & cloud storage

    We scan your documents and process the data, export the images and data either to your Electronic Content Management System (ECM) or provide you with a system that meets your needs. Every solution is scalable, secure and easily integrated with your other systems and can installed on your server or hosted online, making your document management, retrieval and distribution easy and cost effective.


    Our secure digitisation facilities, accredited to ISO27001 standards, utilises the latest hardware in conjunction with the industry leading image recognition and data capture systems. Together this brings our bureau capacity of 1 million images per day over 3 locations.

    Manage Online

    Paragon has developed a Saas-based Electronic Content Management system that is fully scalable to the needs of a single user, department or global organisation. It is hosted by us and accessed securely on the cloud.


    ·         Legacy/archive scanning frees up valuable and costly workspace

    ·         Significant cost reductions where third party storage is used

    ·         Immediate access to electronic files by multiple users in multiple locations

    ·         Secure and certified hardcopy destruction once the documentation is held electronically

    ·         Document request service throughout the production process

    Ticketing & RFID

    Paragon can cater to all of your ticketing requirements. From punch tickets and magnetic stripes to contactless season tickets, we strive to provide customers with effective and relevant solutions. As a manufacturer of specialised products, Paragon has mastered a wide range of services that can be tailored to every need. The ticketing solutions offered include Magnetic Ticketing, Contactless Ticketing and Innovative IT Solutions.

    Magnetic Ticketing

    Paragon played a key part in the creation of magnetic stripe technology, a field in which they have been active in for more than 40 years. Today Paragon’s products are used in many networks all over the world, including Paris, Madrid, Caracas, Cairo and Milan. We have mastered and perfected our industrial process enabling us to offer the highest quality products.

    Contactless Ticketing

    Paragon is staying ahead of the curve by investing heavily in contactless technology, an effective solution for optimising production volumes and increasing the security of access control systems.

    Paragon offers a wide range of products from ISO contact and contactless cards to soft tickets and tags that can be adapted to meet your customers' needs, including top-up, season tickets and multiservice travel cards.

    Innovative IT Solutions

    Paragon group invests heavily in technology and the technology supporting our ticketing solutions is what makes the difference to our success. Paragon has developed IT solutions that eliminate the sample stages and make it easier to monitor service delivery. Thanks to our Web to Print solution, customers can define the variables of their tickets, customer mailers and envelopes