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    Product development is not usually an easy process. Often the inventor or entrepreneur fails to understand the time involved in sometime producing and developing a product from nothing. The simple fact of producing something that has never been made before is obviously going to be a learning process. It is wise and practical to be prepared and plan for issues that may arise during design, manufacture and the final launch of the product. 

    One key benefit is that Jag can carry out is an Intellectual Property review as often at an early stage in the product development cycle it is important to identify if the idea infringes either an existing patent, design registration or trademark. We also use our design 4 manufacture guide, see story on articles page.

    Jag uses the latest Solidworks 3D CAD software to develop ideas from concept through to manufacture. We also have links to associate companies who can use the files generated at JAG to create prototypes. We also have links to test centres allowing all aspects of the products to be tried and approved before launch to obtain, CE marking, EMC testing etc.

    Gary's Background

    Gary has been the lead of several innovative companies based in the North East over the last decade. His roots are in manufacturing and design based on 30+ years experience from many different sectors.

    In 2009, Gary received the ‘Innovation Champion Award’ from One North East and spent the next two years developing his very own product. In 2011, he secured over €773,000 to develop a new innovative material from waste from the EU Eco Innovation Fund.

    Gary is now returning to his roots and supporting design and manufacture across the North East something that has been close to his heart since he started in this field over 30 years ago.


    “I have found Gary unique within the North East in that his capabilities fit right in between science and industry.Gary can see complex project from initial specs through to completion of a final product. He combines his academic background with practical experience in design and tooling, enabling clients to rapidly develop concepts and prototypes or develop their existing concepts into a final product..”
    Dr Rutger Zietsma ~ Manus Neurodynamica

    “Gary has incredible knowledge of the industry, and has done everything in his power to aide us. He has pointed us in the correct direction to secure funding, and has ensured our Business Plan is shaped correctly to give us the best chance to receive funding, he has been efficient in response to e-mails when we have had queries that required answers, and he has put us in contact with many people he has worked with through his career, opening us up to many more avenues of progression for our business. Best of all he has done it all completely free of charge. This generosity is coupled with inspiration that cannot be taught; as he has fuelled each and every one of us to drive towards entrepreneurship in the future.”
    Sound of Sport ~ Newcastle University

    References available on request