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Anna Walaszek



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    We believe that IT has to support and not hinder. We know about it very well, therefore we improve our skills and gather new knowledge everyday. The conscious need of continuous development is what motivates us to work.

    Our office is located in Aleksandrów Łódzki, a town bordering with the city of

    Łódź, central Poland. A spacious office provides comfortable conditions for business

    meetings and working on ambitious projects.


    Our history begins in 2008, when we have decided to support and develop the Polish e-Commerce.


    We currently employ over 20 IT specialists.


    Our strengths are Partnership relations. We are not a corporation, but a company which is based on family values and effective business strategies.


    After choosing us, you automatically become a member of the eEngine team.


    All of our developers perform stationary work. We are a strong, well-organized team - every developer, beside the possessed skills and knowledge, has an unlimited access to the other team members’ know-how.


    You create the project along with us - you obtain full access to it, as well as some regular reports on the current work progress.