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    Ultra-Precision Structured Surfaces (UPS2) Ltd produce optical quality patterned rollers and flat master surfaces for UV casting, imprint, embossing and injection molding.

    For over 10 years our products have been used to manufacture Optical Films, Lighting and Luminaires, Display system films, Optical security patterns for currency and brand protection as well as solar concentration film, light management film and packaging film, plastic electronics and micro-fluidics with superior optical efficiency and world leading quality of pattern fidelity and finish.

    Our customers span the globe and operate in many market sectors. We can produce your required pattern up to Metre scale with micro patterns and Nanometric finishes. Everything from diffraction gratings to metre scale linear fresnels, prismatics and lenticulars can be produced with ultra-Precision machining accuracy on a format that is ready to integrate into your production process. We can also help with prototyping, small batch cast samples and small area structured surfaces for those customers who want to test their designs or do not have access to volume production. UPS2 can also offer volume production of optical film with customer specified structures in partnership with our network of film manufacturers.

    For any requirement from a design idea through to mature volume production – UPS2 is your manufacturing partner. Our Ultra-Precision accuracy and design capabilities will yield superior films, OVD structures and fresnel lenses with optical properties to enhance your product.