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    New Potential has a passion to make its clients succeed, through applying its proven knowledge of continuous improvement to your unique needs. Whether priorities are growth, cost reduction or developing capability, we encourage fresh leadership and employee thinking to gain improved return on investment for you, and increased value for your customers.

    We help you achieve your stretch business goals by targeting improvement efforts in the right areas of your value streams, using a strategically aligned approach.  We coach, train or consult dependent on your bespoke needs. Expertise centres on lean six-sigma methods, quality management and problem solving, but most importantly, how to scale and make it relevant to you.

    New Potential can lead breakthrough projects in specific areas, or train/consult to develop holistic solutions to improve overall capability.

    Our Measurable Management programme, develops managers and team leaders to engage their teams effectively in achieving measurable, profitable improvements. Over a 6 month period, training, practical application and team activities, create personal learning and a shift in organisational performance. Delivering individual projects aligned to key business objectives is what improves organizational performance and provides significant return on investment. Improvement methods, coaching skills and understanding customer and supplier relationships are just a few of the topics covered.