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    EOS Resilience is a specialist Emergency Planning and Crisis Management Consultancy, an interactive insurance policy for the expected and unexpected.


    Every incident will have an impact and an effect. EOS Resilience can assist you to prepare for every eventuality in order to safeguard your success.




    Horizon Scanning and Risk Management - Highlighting emerging trends, threats, vulnerabilities and opportunities in a way which is best utilised for your business. This can be delivered, or the skills to reproduce organically can be taught.


    Reduce the impact of incidents


    Providing concise, simple emergency plans tailored for your business to respond at any time of day or night.


    Increase Business Resilience - The more resilient a business the greater the impact it can take before being affected. This can be done by developing strategies concentrating on your people, places and processes. Resilient businesses adopt strategies within business as usual.


    Crisis Management - Providing expertise and support during Crises to your management and employees. Delivering bespoke leadership, management and decision-making training to your team. Providing generic training through one and two day Crisis Response in Business (CRiB) training courses.


    Reduce the effect of an incident


    Provide robust business continuity plans to maintain cash flow during crisis. Assist with disaster recovery and organisational learning to evolve your business following an incident.


    Whether it is Brexit, flood, fire, staff sickness, climate change, or space weather EOS Resilience can assist you to plan and prepare.




    Don’t wait until you’re in a crisis to come up with a crisis plan.