Allan’s great idea is off to a T

A fashion conscious Print Consultant has created a new clothing range for people who know exactly where they are or where they want to be.

Jet Black Clothing is producing a unique range of quality T-shirts and polo shirts either embroidered or printed with the latitude and longitude co-ordinates of a place that’s special to the wearer.


The company is the brainchild of Allan Smith from Sunderland who owns Trust Print Consultants based in Newcastle and his brother Gordon who is from Hetton. Allan and Gordon have named the new clothing company Jet Black after the drummer in their favourite band, The Stranglers. Allan said: “The idea came from Gordon, he noticed a lot of opposing football fans weren’t wearing their team colours and wondered what could we do that still says ‘I’m a football fan but without causing possible offence or aggravation”. “We came up with the concept of using the co-ordinates of the football stadiums. We then soon realised that everybody has a special place in their life and the T-shirts and polo shirts would have a much wider market than simply just football stadiums”

The bespoke tops can celebrate any special place for all different types of people, whether that’s an arena for sports fans, the summit of a mountain for climbers, a favourite spot out to sea for sailors, where you meet your partner/loved one or even band T-shirts bearing the city or town co-ordinates of each date on a tour.

Allan said: “The beauty of it is that it’s completely up to you and each one will be unique to the wearer. As the clothing takes the geographical co-ordinates of the places around the world that mean the most to the wearer, every shirt is unique. “It could even be a talking point or ice breaker if you see someone else is wearing one. We hope people will enjoy discussing and sharing their special places”. The pair have now set up a new website where customers can choose the colour and style of their top as well as the all important co-ordinates.

“We’re delighted to have launched Jet Black Clothing,” said Allan. “It’s a quality product that’s bespoke for each customer. It’s a fashion statement that intrigues as well as looking good.”

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