Students get creative as part of Work Discovery Sunderland

School pupils in Sunderland are set to get creative, thanks to a special day which will introduce them to the many job opportunities in the sector.

As part of the Work Discovery Sunderland programme, young people from across the city are given the opportunity to participate in specific sector days, with the focus on a particular industry.

And on June 9th, 120 students from nine secondary schools will come face to face with the jobs available in the media, arts and broadcast as part of a Creative Industries sector day.

The event is being led by the University of Sunderland’s Faculty of Art, Design and Media, with all of the participants getting the opportunity to try their hand at a range of activities.

“The Creative Industries sector day is a way of inviting our young people in the city of Sunderland to explore the huge range of jobs in creative fields and understand the really good reasons why a creative career makes sense,” said Judith Hill, Associate Dean for Recruitment and Development at the University of Sunderland.

“Students will take part in a range of activities across art, design, music and performing arts, journalism and broadcasting.”

This will include the chance to try out presenting in the university’s TV studio and take part in dealing with a breaking news story in the Media hub, along with being given the opportunity to perform music.

“The university welcomes the chance to educate and motivate young people to look towards their future careers with enthusiasm and anticipation and to realise how many different jobs will be on offer to them within the creative industries sector,” said Judith.

The sector days are part of the Work Discovery Sunderland programme which includes guest speaker days and culminates in Work Discovery Week, which this year runs from July 11 to 15.

The week includes a range of activities which involves more than 1000 young people, including an open day of workshops, activities and careers fair at the Stadium of Light and ending with a business challenge presentation before a panel of experts.

Paul McEldon, co-chair of Work Discovery Sunderland, said the sector days gave young people a rare opportunity to discover every aspect of a particular industry.

“The sector days are about showcasing to young people jobs that they’ve probably never even considered or recognised,” he said.

“It not only helps them choose the right career for them but, by finding out what the job entails, it can only help improve their employability.”

There is still the opportunity for businesses to get involved with Work Discovery Week 2016. For further information contact Steph Rose at

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