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The BIC is home to over 140 businesses and with 1,000 people working on our 14 acre site and many more visiting it on a daily basis. We have developed a wide range of services to fit the needs of businesses both large and small. See what our clients think.

Office Space

“The BIC has made it so easy for us to make the expansion and it feels relatively risk-free because we can move around the site as our business changes size and shape. There are so many different unit options and loads of help to configure things the way you want them.”

Tracy Woodhouse, Breakfree Counselling Services Ltd

“The great thing about being at the BIC is the flexibility to move as we grow and diversify the business. This is especially important for businesses who are adapting to the impact of the pandemic and might need to scale up or down.”

Fiona Waistell, Geo Journey

Start-Up Support

“The BIC have been amazing throughout. Janice was full of great advice and I lent on her support quite a lot during the planning and start-up stages, it was a huge help knowing she was just a phone call away.”

Fiona Pattison, Rainbows Sensory Space

“Victoria has been a phenomenal support. She’s such a good communicator and made everything so clear and straightforward. The simple steps she set out for me made everything feel easy – like someone holding my hand. She kept me focused and on track throughout this whole journey.”

Julie Welsh, Adults Achieving with Julie

SME Innovation Programme

“Gillian went well beyond the remit of what we were expecting when we applied to the Innovation Programme for funding support. We were blown away by how much she genuinely cared about our success and looked for other opportunities to help us.”

Jonny Philip, Nursem

“If it wasn’t for the referral to the programme from Louise Hardy then I honestly don’t know if we’d have got here! Louise and Gillian helped me to keep focused and believe in my idea and focus on the end goal. The funding really helped when trying to get a new idea off the ground and I couldn’t have done any of it without the right connections.

Craig Downs, mymo

Creative Workshops

“The BIC gave me access to online and Zoom learning which really helped me focus on what was important, as well as helping me understand the legalities of setting up and providing a mentor who kept me on the right track and gave the encouragement I needed to keep going.”

Jane Pugh, Taffy Bear

“The workshops were a real eye opener. Victoria, who handles the sessions, really got me thinking more strategically and channelling where I wanted to go and what I needed to do to get there.”

Ali Williams, Reinvented with Love

Meeting Space

“Looking for a training venue in Sunderland, then look no further than the BIC. The facilities are fantastic and the staff are super-helpful, thank you Ladies.”

Jayson Gurney, The Media Consultancy