12 days of start up: Day four, What competition?

By Shirley Hermiston

This series of blog will help us countdown to Christmas providing some useful information to those of you who are considering self-employment and hopefully get you on the right path to setting up your own business.

Being better than your competitors is not all about who is cheaper. All too often business owners are at their wits ends because a rival is undercutting them on price and they can’t keep up.

It’s about being unique and showing your customers that you are the better option. There are many ways you can ensure your business is better than your competitors here are a few of my personal favourites;

• Better quality. A great one to help fight off the cost wars, because a higher price is justified.

• Power of packaging, something as superficial as appearance can dramatically alter a customer’s perception of worth so deliver your product with love.

• Customer service. A big one this is so easy and it’s free! Smile, be polite, build relationships with your customers and respond to complaints effectively and calmly.

• Update your image. Look at your business cards, stationary, website, branded packaging and so on. Does your image reflect your business? Pulse Creative Marketing offer free marketing surgeries and a free marketing review.

• Look to your future, businesses that plan for growth are more successful than those that are happy to stay still. Your business plan will help ensure you are on the right track for your goals to be met.

Read more on business plans tomorrow.

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