Tenant Support

Wrap around support and services

What would make life easier and business better for our tenants? That’s what all of our support services are designed around.

Modern facilities, superfast broadband and cloud-based telecoms, professional reception services and onsite maintenance mean you can concentrate on growing your business while we take care of everything else.

Events, experts and a tenants’ directory connect you to a vibrant community and a place to feel at home.

Debbie Simpson - Business Adviser
Debbie Simpson | BIC Tenant Business Adviser

Tenant Meet-Ups

With 328 businesses across our four centres, the BIC is home to a thriving and diverse community of talent, skill and creativity. Our popular monthly Tenant Meet-Ups are a great way to tap into this powerful network.

Laid-back, welcoming and fun, these get togethers are a chance to get to know your neighbours, discover ways of doing business together, swap notes and find out what’s new at the BIC.

Meet Ups are facilitated by the BIC’s friendly team who’ll work hard to connect you to people and opportunities that can help make a difference to your business. 

Resident Business Adviser

A sounding board, a problem solver, a connection to a new network. Whatever you need, our resident business and innovation expert Debbie Simpson is here to help with her signature can-do attitude.

Debbie’s role involves supporting businesses onsite with growth and innovation plans, as well as addressing any business concerns.

Coming soon… Debbie is planning to introduce new regular drop-in surgeries in each of our buildings, to make it even easier to connect to opportunities or ask the question that’s on your mind.

Backing you all the way

Our sole purpose is to support the region’s businesses and nothing makes us happier than seeing your success. More than just a landlord, we’re your biggest cheerleader too.

BIC Ambassadors

What if you could turn to someone who’s walked in your shoes when you need a word of advice? An experienced businessperson who’s prepared to share what they’ve learned along their entrepreneurial path to help you on yours?

That’s what BIC Ambassadors are all about. A small group of ex-tenants and supporters who want to give something back to the business community by acting as an informal mentor.

Rather than formal, paid-for advice or consultancy, our volunteers share their experiences and offer inspiration on a relaxed and free-of-charge basis. This can be a one-off discussion or an ongoing relationship – depending on what you need. BIC Ambassador Steven explains more, here.

BIC Ambassadors

BIC Community