12 days of start up: Day six, what’s in a name?

By Shirley Hermiston
Everyone knows the importance of choosing the right business name. An effective, memorable business name can be the difference between failure and success and should reflect the type of business you envision it to be.

Self traditional brands or those wanting to convey that impression tend to lean towards surnames or place names while others choose everyday items for names (Orange, Apple).

Think about your business and who your competitors are. Think about your customers and how they would feel using a potential name.

The next stop is the National Business Register. Here you can check if the names you have chosen are already taken or not.

You can also check if a domain name is available. For UK companies trading largely in the UK, customers expect to see your company name within your website name.

The last check you need to carry out is to ensure that when you search your business name on the internet, no untrustworthy brands or links come up.
You do not want to be associated with these brands as they could reflect badly on your business.

Once you have gone through these steps then you’re pretty much ready to go ahead and choose your final name.

As soon as you’ve decided it’s time to start telling the world!

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