5 reasons why your online shop needs a Mobile Webpage

By Leanne Thompson, freelancer

The amount of people browsing the web on mobile devices – including smartphones and tablets – is growing at an extremely fast rate. Unfortunately, many websites were built with only desktop browsing in mind. These traditional websites fail to provide a user-friendly experience for all customers, as they are not optimised for use on the smaller screens of mobile phones and tablets. Businesses are therefore missing opportunities for new sales via mobile devices and losing customers due to a poor user experience. The IT professionals at Computer Geeks advise that, “you should have a website or system that looks great, loads quickly, is easy to manage and engages with visitors.” Here are five reasons why your online shop will benefit from a mobile webpage:

1. Take advantage of the growing mobile market

The growth of mobile devices has been impressive. According to Statistica – “there are currently around 2.53 billion smartphone users worldwide.” The number of mobile phones in the hands of consumers is expected to pass the five billion mark by 2019. People of all ages are connected at all times of the day, and it’s important that businesses take advantage of this growing market to ensure future success.

2. Provide a better experience for online customers

Mobile devices have changed the way that people shop. You now have instant, 24/7 access to online shopping at your fingertips. Your business should be taking advantage of this new shopping trend. According to nChannel – “71% of shoppers believe they will get a better deal online than in stores.” People often chose to shop online via their smart devices. However, traditional websites often appear distorted and sometimes illegible on the smaller screens of mobile phones and tablets. Think about it – would you buy stuff from an online store that only shows half of the page? A mobile website is optimised for use on a mobile device, so users of the site can browse and make purchases quickly and easily. This offers your consumers an ideal viewing experience, and improves your website’s overall functionality which will help you retain valuable customers.

3. Get your business noticed

Mobile search is one of the fastest growing online resources. The best way to get your website noticed and increase traffic to your site, is to be listed in top search engines and have a fully optimised site that is user friendly. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo, know that people now use mobile search to look for what they want, and so they invest heavily in mobile. Google recognises the importance of having a website that works well across all devices and mobile-friendly websites rank better in searches. Everyone can access your mobile website, making it a great way for your business to be found on the web.

4. Gain a competitive edge

As a business, it is important to stay up to date with technological advances and listen to the needs and desires of your customers. Consumers are increasingly relying on mobile devices to browse and shop online. However only around 64% of small businesses currently have a website and around 19% of these websites are not mobile-friendly – (Statistic according to Clutch). This is your chance to differentiate your business from competitors and take advantage of the growing mobile trend.

5. Attract and retain customers

There’s a clear need to provide visitors to your site with a seamless and user-friendly experience, in order to convert sales and gain repeat customers. Having a mobile website that allows customers to access your site and make purchases on whatever device they decide to use, will give you a competitive edge. If your mobile presence is optimised well, then you may get more sales simply for being convenient to visitors and returning customers.

Final thought

When you think about a website for your business it’s important to think about two sites – a traditional website and a mobile optimised site. The amount of people browsing the web on mobile devices is growing at an incredibly fast rate. Your business may already be seeing the benefits of having a traditional site; but it’s important to understand how mobile devices can benefit your business. In the modern age, having a mobile-friendly website is essential in attracting and retaining customers. Forecasters believe that the growth of mobile devices will continue in an upward trend and so there’s no better time to update your online shop with a mobile webpage!

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