Helping to Support anyone who knows someone who is struggling with mental health this Christmas time

Breakfree counselling
Tracy and Helen, Breakfree Counselling

Myself and Helen want to help support all our BIC family and fellow tenants over this Christmas time and into 2020. If you know someone who is suffering with mental health issues, we would like to offer our help in how you can best support those around you, while, importantly, keeping you safe. Some can look forward to Christmas. But for some, it can feel overwhelming, lonely and isolated. Both for those suffering with mental health issues, or those that know someone who is.

If you notice someone around you even has a small change in behaviour this could be an indication that all is not ok with them. Friends and family can be invaluable, by learning about the signs and symptoms of different mental illnesses. It can be very upsetting to learn someone you care about is suffering with a mental health issue. It’s ok to know its not your job to fix them, it’s ok just to listen, acknowledge how they are feeling and to take it at their pace.

You are very welcome to contact myself or Helen for an informal chat, and see how best we can help. This will be in the strictest confidence and your safety is our priority.

Our contact details are:
Tracy or Helen
Tel: 0191 516 6080 (Please leave a message if we do not answer)

We are happy to talk over the telephone, via email or in our office based in the incubator building here at the BIC.

Tracy x

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