Nurturing Business Success

David Anderson

David Anderson

In our experience of working with many companies, we see a lot of great plans hatched and new strategies conceived. Sadly all too often, without guidance these great plans never mature enough to produce any sort of transformative change.
Create a simple plan
Enormous amounts of time and effort are invested into creating plans that then slowly atrophy because of a lack of ongoing support and management. Having worked with a wide range of clients Auxin believes the best approach is creating a simple plan that can then evolve and grow.
Seth Godin once wrote: “Great projects, are gardens. They are tended, they shift, they grow. They endure over time, gaining a personality and reflect their environment. When something dies or fades away, we prune, replant and grow again. By all means, build. But don’t finish. Don’t walk away.”
Replace the word project with sales and marketing strategy and we have a straightforward way to describe the need for constant monitoring and regular adjustments.
Be adaptable from the outset
When we are trying something new we are at our most inexperienced so it is essential to embrace the need to be adaptable from the outset. Returning to this horticultural theme, gardens take time to ‘bed in’. They have to be nurtured and almost always look better over time as the plants mature.


The seeds of ideas

The seeds of ideas
Many sales and marketing plans we encounter contain the seeds of ideas that will never be planted because they are not underpinned by a genuine belief in their growth potential. When initiatives have been launched they are not maintained and just like features in a garden can end up dead or overgrown.
At Auxin we believe we need to take a long-term view with our clients. We work in partnership with them and share in the benefits resulting from their blossoming growth in return.

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