Pokémon Go – strategy for business?

So it’s no surprise, even if you aren’t its biggest fan that millions of people have taken to the streets thanks to the surprise success of Pokémon Go.


You may not know what a Magikarp, Krabby and an Electabuzz are and yes these are real names, but you will have seen the Pokémon craze popping up all over social media and even possibly friends or family.

As a school child of the 90’s we witnessed the ‘old school’ Pokémon games, swapping character cards in the playground and hopefully you weren’t one of the unlucky ones that had them confiscated by your teacher (hide them up your sleeves!) but now with so many of us owning a smartphone we can all tap into this game that is increasing daily on success.

How we played back in the 90s

How we played back in the 90s

Just today it was announced that Nintendo shares are up more than 50% since Pokémon Go release.

Yup it is now a global phenomenon and topped the app store download.

The app lets players roam a map using their phone’s GPS location data and catch Pokémon to train and battle.

The game uses a smartphone’s GPS location and real-world maps to track players as they move around. Players can visit Pokestops – typically landmarks or buildings – and collect free items in the game.

The main aim is to catch Pokémon, which pop up along the way. The game provides an augmented reality experience, using the smartphone’s camera to provide a live view of the world, with Pokémon superimposed.

Any creatures caught can be used in battle against other players at Pokémon gyms – also real-world landmarks.

Days since the release one of the characters, Pikachu popped up on Downing Street, ahead of Thereas May’s first appearance as Prime Minister! Full story here.

Pikachu popped up on Downing Street!

Pikachu popped up on Downing Street!

Here’s the juicy bit: the demographic reach is huge therefore there are so many potential uses for marketers.

If your business happens to be the site of a Pokémon Go gym or Pokestop, you can take advantage.

For example a Mexican restaurant welcomed users who were on the hunt and offered them a special deal, free dessert etc if customers show their server their Pokémon Go account or checks into their restaurant with a Facebook update, tweet of Instagram post – you get the picture.

Offer discounts to hungry users who are searching the area nearby for those creature, not a food based business? That’s ok there are other incentives you can do, give away t-shirts, or any other product even a charging station for people with low battery!

Allowing users to feel comfortable and welcome in your local business they’ll be more likely to visit or recommend. And word of mouth is still your best form of advertising.

So even if you aren’t a fan of the Pokémon, embrace it use it to its full potential and hit your target audience!

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