Protect your business against cybercrime

Cybercrime can be detrimental to any business and having your information compromised and attacked by viruses can cause catastrophic damage.


According to Norton Cyber Security, 594 million people worldwide were victims of online crime last year. In the UK alone approximately 55% of firms have fallen victim to economic crime in the past two years, according to the PwC global economic crime survey, compared with a global rate of 36%.

So who is behind these crimes and what can you do to protect your business?

Cyber threats can be carried out by individuals or groups of people who are highly intelligent and organised. These criminals are constantly expanding on their ability finding new ways to break through your PCs firewall and attack.

The important thing to remember when thinking about how to protect your business is that you are not immune. These criminals are finding new ways to not only steal money directly but to turn stolen data into money.

Things you can do to prevent cybercrime:

• Educate your staff. Ensure all employees are aware of possible threats.

• Change login details on a regular basis.

• Activate your firewall settings and install anti-spyware and anti-virus software.

• Be careful what information you post online including social media. Cyber criminals will do their research and target certain employees.

The BIC Cloud Solutions offers a state of the art IT infrastructure which includes an anti-spam email and web filtering appliance that filters emails before it reaches your email server eliminating malicious content and viruses.

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