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Posture Team chooses Open Space to shape up business

19th August 2015

The Posture Team joins Open Space  - 2015-01-27 15:40:09

The Posture Team joins Open Space

An entrepreneur who visited the North East Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) for help starting his business has taken an Open Space membership as his company grows.

Michael White started his company, Posture Team, after visiting the start up team at the BIC. The business specialises in tailor-made furniture to help those with ongoing back issues as well as preventative issues, these include state of the art height adjustable desks and innovative chairs and stools.

Michael was so impressed with the BIC’s Open Space facility, 2,400 sq ft facility, part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Programme 2007-13, that he took a membership after seeing the space just once, Michael said:

“The Open Space is a fantastic co-working hub and I have already made connections with other members who use the facility.

“Prior to this I worked from home but having a professional setting as well as a business address is priceless, not to mention the access to experienced advisers.

“My goal is to take an office full time here at the BIC, the business is doing well and I already have had contracts with the NHS, call centres and government funded offices so it really is just a matter of time.”

Before owning his own company, Michael worked for a furniture shop in Gateshead and worked closely with the back care team, he adds:

“I started getting involved more with the physiotherapists and accompanied them on visits. I really loved this niche area. It is much more than just selling a chair, or a desk you start to ask more questions about the person that you are supplying to.

“I visit a client do a full assessment and upon that recommend items they need which will improve their work style.

“Ultimately I see the business as making people move more in the workplace, becoming healthy and business owners more aware of how to prevent these issues occurring.”

Senior space adviser, Donna Surtees adds:

“It is a great pleasure to welcome Michael to the Open Space. With access to meeting rooms, quiet spaces and high speed wifi I am confident that the facility will provide an environment for successful growth.

“The BIC are opening up a new state of the art business centre in Darlington this spring and Business Central will also include an Open Space where current members can benefit from, all aided to help increase clients and for our tenants to experience growth.”

For more information on Open Space memberships contact Donna on 0191 516 6046 or email

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