Bright Woods Forest School CIC

Bright Woods CIC

Social Enterprise Showcase

What does your organisation do?

Bright Woods Forest School CIC provides unique outdoor experiences based on the belief that being in nature has a profound and lasting benefit on mental wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem.

Who do you help?

We work with young children to inspire their interest in nature, older children to help them to connect with the great outdoors and adults experiencing mental health difficulties for who spending time in nature helps them to improve their wellbeing. All these things are achieved through spending time in our beautiful woodland site, playing, trying natural crafts, learning traditional skills and campfire cooking.

How has the BIC supported you?

It has been great working with Ernest who has been supporting us to pull apart our finances. Through his help and questioning we have been working hard to strengthen our pricing structure and have a better understanding of our true costs. Through the process we have grown with confidence and with his input we continue to improve the sustainability of the business and are excited to take it forward so we can do more good work.

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