Diego’s Joint

Diego's Joint

Social Enterprise Showcase

What does your organisation do?

We’re a bar/café and event space in Sunderland city centre that exists to support those disadvantaged in employment as well as offering a community space for other social enterprises to thrive.

Who do you help?

As well as keeping people entertained, we are also serving a wider purpose and will be helping people on the pathway to employment, for those who experience health and social mobility problems, as well as those with a criminal record who may have faced difficulties in finding work.

How has the BIC supported you?

We have worked with the BIC for a number of years now and in more recent years Anthony McDermott has been a great support mechanism for the business. We’ve also hosted a number of events here on behalf of the BIC.

To find out more visit https://www.diegosjoint.co.uk/

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