Fighting fit start-up company invests in Sunderland

A new fitness company delivering fun and effective workouts has just opened in Sunderland after receiving just under £10,000 thanks to the North East BIC.

A 13 year career in the gym industry inspired Karl Hansom to go it alone and Hansom Devils became established. The company offers a range of effective fitness classes and personal training options just in time for summer.

BIC Business adviser, Ron Anderson helped Karl create a comprehensive business plan to apply for a start-up loan with Business and Enterprise Fund. Karl’s application was successful and he received £9,500 which went towards his equipment, Karl explains:

“I decided to start my own business as I wanted to create my own vision of what customers would like from a health and fitness provider. I have a passion to see people succeed and will do everything I can to make this happen.”

“Ron’s help was invaluable. Together we looked at all of the available options and Ron guided me down the right path. I couldn’t have done it without him, the advice and guidance was brilliant, and it’s comforting to know the BIC are there whenever you need them.

“If anyone is thinking of starting their own business, be prepared to work hard and be patient. You need to have a great work rate but most importantly know how to satisfy your customers to retain them.”

Business adviser Ron added:

“It’s fantastic to see Karl’s business up and running and going well. We had a lot of issues in the beginning with premises and planning applications, but we worked through these together and Karl never gave up.

“He is not afraid of hard work and is very determined which will go far in his business. He already has plans to franchise the business in the future which is testament to his commitment and aspirations.”

Find out how the BIC can help you on your start-up journey call us today on 0191 516 6149.

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