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Innovative swim training school makes a splash in the North East

A former international swimmer turned teacher is taking a leap into uncharted waters with the launch of a groundbreaking training school in the North East.

Constantin Cosmin Petcu, a sport science graduate from the University of Sunderland, has launched Ceto Swim Training Group to ‘revolutionise private swimming instruction in the region.’

Located at the North East BIC, just outside of Sunderland city centre, the business has been inspired by the state-of-the-art facilities found in US colleges.

The facility, equipped with a purpose-built endless pool, 360-degree cameras, and a cutting-edge Vasa SwimErg machine, stands as the first of its kind in the North East. The nearest comparable facility is situated 95 miles away in Ullswater.

“This type of business has thrived for about two decades now,” Cosmin said. “Major American colleges have embraced it, yet there’s been a void in the North East of England, until now.

“Having been involved in coaching, teaching, and professional swimming for over 20 years, and being a Sport Science graduate from the University of Sunderland, I’ve witnessed the immense benefits of private tuition, detailed stroke pattern analysis, and the integration of biomechanics. With Ceto Swim Training Group, I aim to bring these advantages to the North East.”

Ceto Swim Training Group will cater not only to beginners but will also place a special emphasis on triathletes, leveraging biomechanics to enhance their stroke techniques and overall performance. The facility is designed to offer a private and professional alternative to traditional forms of swimming tuition, commonly held in public facilities.

In addition to providing lessons for beginners and triathletes, Ceto Swim Training Group is actively seeking affiliation with the Swimming Teacher Association (STA) to deliver courses for swimming teachers and help address the shortage of qualified teachers in the industry.

Ceto Swim Training Group

“I’m already a tutor for swimming teachers, but gaining STA Approved Training Centre certification will enable us to encourage more individuals to join the profession and bridge the skills gap facing the industry,” Cosmin added.

“Swimming offers numerous health and social benefits, particularly for young people. If we lack the teachers and coaches to impart this vital life skill, we risk depriving many young individuals of these advantages. We are committed to addressing this challenge and getting more people into the water.”

Ceto Swim Training Group emerged after Cosmin tapped into the free business start-up support provided by the North East BIC. “The BIC team have been immensely helpful,” he said.

“From crafting my business plan to navigating legalities and even assisting with a Start Up Loan application, they provided invaluable support. Choosing a central location with easy access to main transport routes was crucial, and the BIC proved to be the perfect fit. They were exceptionally supportive throughout the installation of the endless pool, a process that could have been daunting for many landlords.”

Hina Joshi, business adviser at the BIC, said: “It’s been a pleasure working with Cosmin on the launch of his Swim Training Group and helping him find the perfect premises for the business.

“The investment he has made into the endless pool and equipment, coupled with his focus on biomechanics for triathletes, will significantly enhance the quality of swimming instruction in the region, and we wish him every success in the future.”

To contact Ceto Swim Training Group call 07990 240891 or visit their Facebook Page.

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