Empowering the Future: Esports, Education and Economic Growth in the North

Organiser: Sunderland Business Festival

British Esports will be hosting a talk on the convergence of esports, education, and economic development in the North East. Its talk will take place at the cutting-edge National Esports Performance Campus, its brand new headquarters in Sunderland, and a testament to its investment in infrastructure.

Esports has rapidly evolved into a multifaceted industry with far-reaching impacts. The talk will delve into the ways in which esports can empower individuals and transform communities and discuss how esports programs in academia help foster digital literacy, transferable skills, and lay the foundation for careers in creative sectors.

It’ll showcase real-world success stories and exemplify the potential esports holds for both personal and regional development and will explore the relationship between esports and economic growth, shedding light on how the North East is positioning itself as a tech hub and a catalyst for innovation. Learn how the National Esports Performance Campus will play a pivotal role in this transformation as a destination for live esports experiences.

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