Scaling vs growth – what’s the difference?

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Scaling vs growth

Everyone wants to grow but not everyone can scale their business. We frequently hear people using these two terms interchangeably but they actually mean very different things.

When your business is growing, you’re increasing revenue but your expenses tend to grow at the same rate (if not more) because growth sucks cash. Scaling is a different matter altogether. When you’re scaling, your revenue is growing at a much faster rate than your expenses. You achieve significant growth while keeping a tight control on costs. Sounds like the dream, right?

Next event // 2nd November 2023 / 9:30am – 11:00am
What I’ve learned about scaling: Douglas Dinwiddie, Founder and Managing Director, White Digital

To date, Douglas has grown the customer base of his Darlington-based web and digital marketing agency through a series of company acquisitions. Now, he has the opportunity to scale by upselling additional services to existing customers, meaning more sales and an increase in revenue without the usual customer acquisition costs.

In this frank and honest conversation with Growth Strategist Graham Robson, Douglas will open up about the exciting opportunities scaling presents to his business. He’ll share the challenges he’s faced and overcome so far on his own growth journey to help you on yours.


Fuel up first with a bit of breakfast before the main event, facilitated by Graham Robson and Debbie Simpson. Afterwards, there’s a chance to network and meet others who can support your growth with information and opportunities.

The Growth Lab programme covers 6 growth tactics in 6 months. Each guest speaker will explore one or more of these topics at each event.

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