Sunderland as a Living Wage City

Organiser: Sunderland Real Living Wage Action Group

Sunderland Living Wage City booklet

The Sunderland Real Living Wage Action Group, would like to invite you to attend a networking event on Wednesday 8th November, at 1pm, to share the action taken to-date and to discuss how we can work together to continue to increase the number of employers in the city, accredited with the real living wage foundation.

Please complete the attendance registration here>>, if you are able to attend and show your support for the real living wage movement in Sunderland.

A calendar invite will then be sent to remind you of the event in your diary.

Further information can be found here>>, to enable you to understand more about the aspirations for Sunderland.

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North East Business and Innovation Centre (BIC),
Wearfield, Enterprise Park East,
Sunderland, SR5 2TA

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