New Enterprise Studios Present ‘Ferries of the Tyne’ – Action!

New Enterprise Studios CIC was awarded a £53,231 grant for ‘Ferries of the Tyne’ by The National Lottery Heritage Fund to create a documentary about the history of ferries that have crossed the River Tyne.

New Enterprise Studios CIC has received support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund for their ‘Ferries Of The Tyne’ project, it was announced today. Thanks to National Lottery players, the project aims to look at the history of ferries that have crossed the River Tyne and the development of those services and how they have impacted on their local communities. The documentary will feature the involvement of a diverse group of participants from across Tyneside.

In collaboration with these participants, NE Studios will create a documentary film that provides insight into both the history and legacy of the Shields Ferry crossing. Participants will learn skills in Journalism, Photography, Videography and more; with an educational programme also being scheduled to accommodate public workshops and engagement. Volunteers will also receive appropriate training in archival skills; so they can efficiently care for the preservation and legacy of their work.

The public are encouraged to become involved in the project from its inception as much as possible; those who feel they may have materials to share regarding the Ferry and its history can contact the production directly by emailing to discuss.

The existing Shields Ferry service is a focal point of its community and operated by Nexus. The service makes almost 25,000 journeys a year carrying nearly 400,000 passengers. There have been ferries crossing the Tyne since the 14th century, and this is currently the only service that remains. In recent years the service has faced potential closure and if this were to occur, it would be the first time in over 700 years that no documented Ferry service would exist to cross the River Tyne.


Commenting on the award, Project Manager Wayne Madden said: “We’re delighted that we’ve received this support thanks to National Lottery players. The Ferry has been a vital link in our region for centuries, and it’s a fantastic feeling to know this documentary will help preserve our region’s history for future generations to come. I’m very excited about the prospect of making this documentary and helping to both educate and inform people”

Commenting further, NES Managing Director Wayne Thompson said: “When I set up NES, I did so with a clear goal of helping others, helping them to learn and helping them to take pride in their region. This project is a wonderful chance to do both of those things and we’re immeasurably grateful to be supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund to enable us”

“Our congratulations to New Enterprise Studios on this grant award. We have worked in partnership with New Enterprise Studio in providing meaningful work experience placements for neurodiverse young people. We know the passion and enthusiasm that they have had on previous projects and look forward to watching this project develop.”
Derek Groves, North East Autism, Employment Services Manager

Shields Ferry Manager, Carol Timlin, said: “We are looking forward to collaborating in this exciting new documentary project which will tell the fascinating story of the Shields Ferry.

“There has been a ferry crossing the Tyne for more hundreds of years and it has become an iconic part of everyday life in our region. It is part of the fabric of our region.

“The River Tyne has such a rich heritage, and the ferry crossing is undoubtedly a key part of that story. We can’t wait to see the finished documentary programme.”

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