Sunderland security company keeps watchful eye on nature

A Pollinator Parks® garden to support nature’s recovery by supplying a haven for insects and birds has been created at Sunderland Enterprise Park.

Security company, SEP Management Co Ltd, has worked with Climate Action North to create Berry Edge, a garden designed to attract bees, birds, butterflies and more.

The eye-shaped garden features a total of 266 plants including 16 trees, four climbers, and a wide range of native wildflowers. It is the latest Climate Action North Pollinator Parks® garden and will be watched over by SEP Management Co Ltd who are known as the ‘Eyes and Ears’ of the Enterprise Park.

Climate Action North’s Managing Director, Sharon Lashley, led on the project along with project delivery partner Phil Macari of Wildcraft. The garden was created in November 2021 and Sharon and Phil were joined by Angela Rayne and Paul Cameron of SEP and two landscape gardeners for the planting.

Sharon said: “Berry Edge is designed as a pollinator garden and will also act as a natural feeding station providing crucial autumn berries for birds who will help spread seeds for automatic rewilding. We planted a ‘Berry Edge’ of native trees, and woodland wildflower plugs and bulbs suitable for pollinators and the location. The main “eye” shaped planting area will provide flowering plants and taller wildflowers, and Yellow Rattle and Eyebright flowers will improve the chances for the wild plants to flourish.”

General Manager for SEP, Angela Rayne, said: “It is important to us that the environment on the Enterprise Park is as pleasant and welcoming as possible, so restoring this unused area makes perfect sense. Introducing these plants will ensure the area becomes a welcoming place for staff and visitors and a sanctuary for pollinator insects and birds. As the ‘Eyes and Ears’ of the Park, and its surrounding areas, we are looking forward to seeing it bloom and attract wildlife.”

Sharon concluded: “Nature is our best ally to halt the dual climate and biodiversity crisis and Berry Edge is an excellent example of how we can practically support and care for our wildlife by rewilding and transforming an outdoor area on a business park into an ecological oasis.

“Our ambition is to rewild at least 30 percent of business parks in the North of England by 2030 and the Pollinator Parks® initiative offers manageable, engaging, and effective ways to achieve this.”

The Pollinator Parks® initiative is the registered trademarked programme of Climate Action North to rewild business and retail parks throughout the North of England. Other Pollinator Parks® gardens include Dalton Park Outlet Shopping Centre, the first retail park in the North of England to host a Climate Action North Pollinator Parks® garden, and the North East Business and Innovation Centre (BIC) which is where Pollinator Parks® originated with the first garden planted in 2019.

Climate Action North Sponsors include: Resilient Business Systems; AR Power; Arktek Group Limited; JC Atkinson; The Stephenson-Mohl Group; Impact Recycling; Swift Water Solutions; TC Embroidery and Workwear; and Duco Digital.

To set up a Pollinator Parks® area or find out more about sponsorship opportunities contact Sharon at

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