Toolkit to help the business community take climate action to be unveiled

Jennifer Clair and Sharon Lashley of Climate Action North

Climate Action North will reveal a toolkit to help businesses scrutinise their resilience against climate change risks, and take action, where needed.

Firms will be able to use the online Business Action Toolkit (BAT), to help build their resilience by identifying risks such as severe weather events, skills shortages and supply chain issues associated with the climate crisis and will receive a bespoke report highlighting the practical action and solutions they can take to boost their resilience by preparing and adapting for the risks.

The toolkit, which is on track to be launched by Autumn 2021, has already attracted the support of a number of firms who are registering to use the system, providing corporate sponsorship, and offering other support.

Sharon said: “the support we have received to date just highlights how seriously the climate crisis in the business community is being taken and a true understanding of the need to prepare now for the risks that lie ahead. What’s more, the toolkit will also help businesses act now to get on track to transition to a green future, make simple changes that will differentiate them from the competition, attract new customers and investment and save them money.”

The toolkit will also signpost to further support, information, and training available within the Climate Action North associate network and, because it is available online, can be used by businesses based throughout the UK.

The development of the toolkit is being led by Duco Digital LTD. Company Director, Darren Winter, said: “We are delighted to be supporting Climate Action North by developing this dynamic, engaging and personalised digital solution to help all sizes of businesses and organisations easily understand the positive and practical changes they can make to help the environment; with some of the small changes also benefiting them through efficiency and productivity.

“It is an exciting project, which we believe the only one of its kind in the UK, and with COP 26 (United Nations Climate Change Conference) happening in Glasgow this November, it is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to do ‘their bit’ to make a positive impact upon the effects of climate change here in the UK.”

To be among the first to trial the Business Action Toolkit register your interest please email

To enquire about sponsorship opportunities email

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