Totum Sport to ‘entirely disrupt’ $10bn US sports supplement market

John Kelleher whose company is based at the North East Business and Innovation Centre (BIC)

MIAMI, FL – NOVEMBER 15: CEO of Totum Sports John Kelleher speaks during Day 1 of Soccerex USA 2018 at Marlins Park on November 15, 2018 in Miami, Florida. (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)

Totum Sport – the most innovative hydration brand of its kind in sports nutrition – has today announced its US expansion plans, promising to ‘entirely disrupt’ and dominate the $10bn US sports supplement market.

Totum Sport, owned by North East BIC-based Health & Wellness company – Cellnutrition Ltd, has developed its US growth strategy, following enormous success across Europe and Asia, providing a 100% natural solution to performance and recovery.

A performance staple for as diverse a field of elite sporting stars as 17-times Grand Slam winner Rafa Nadal to British sprinter and former World Indoors 60m Champion, Richard Kilty, the hypertonic drink supplement is the only sports product of its kind to boast 100% natural ingredients, unlike many of the current FMCG driven brands which currently dominate the US market.

Many of these brands produce products that contain high levels of sugar and in many cases – excessive levels caffeine, which offers a unique point of difference for Totum Sport. 

The brand has based its North American strategy on working with College and University sporting assets, as well as elite level franchises – across the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB and will be available to the US public from January 1st 2019 at

The announcement of Totum Sport’s US launch was officially made at the Soccerex USA convention in Miami – the largest of its kind – where the brand has this week, been exhibiting and presenting the product to a global audience of sports performance & health experts.

This is the boldest move yet by the ambitious company in its attempt to take a piece of the £30 billion global sports market – of which the US enjoys a 37% share.

CEO John Kelleher’s bold ambitions for the brand, promising to ‘’entirely disrupt” the marketplace is based on the uniqueness and differentiation of the product-developed through a purely scientific matrix and the growing number of sporting assets who use the product.

This, coupled with the fact, the product is based on a century old discovery by renowned biologist and physiologist Rene Quinton only adds to its credibility as a product.

“Totum Sport improves performance by restoring cellular hydration in athletes, preventing the onset of cramps, delaying fatigue and improving concentration through measured hydration,” explained Kelleher, who runs the company from offices in the UK, Ireland and now the East Coast of the US.

“We know through extensive research and from working closely with high performance directors, coaches, nutritionists and athletes, that there is a very specific need for Totum Sport.”

“There are many isotonic products out there that will claim to be beneficial to the user, but none of them can claim to restore full hydration based on a purely scientific matrix, at a cellular level. We are now at a point, having steadily grown the Totum Sport brand over the past two years, to make the ultimate leap into the US, and to entirely shake up the marketplace.

“Getting our product tested in the field by the biggest names in US sport has been our ongoing strategic goal, facilitating our launch-pad into the marketplace. This has proven so successful we now aim to have Totum Sport in every locker room in elite sports in North America, by the end of our initial key phase on this extraordinary journey.”

Totum Sport is currently available throughout the UK & Ireland, Europe, Asia Pacific and the US. Only Totum Sport can deliver the complete complement of 78 minerals and trace elements including electrolytes, that supports both circulation and cellular hydration which maximises strength, speed, stamina and cognitive function. No other hydration or sports supplement has the necessary number and proportion of electrolytes to deliver such maximum performance.

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