Uplift raises the bar for those wanting to improve their lives and employment


The newest tenant at Sunderland’s the Bridges will be selling the opportunity to improve life skills, unlock potential and help people with their personal development, employment and training.

Uplift has been in operation for more than ten years, offering education and training with a difference, with a strong focus on positive change.

And now the CIC (community interest company) has moved to a new base at the Bridges, which is great news for anyone across Sunderland and surrounding areas wanting to make changes in their lives.

The Ltd company was set up a decade ago by Joanne Cook and Alyson Upton, who had first hand experience in how giving people the tools to be happy and motivated can make a huge difference for individuals and their families.

“We are all about working for a more positive life by unlocking people’s potential,” said Joanne.

“That’s the focus and passion that has sustained us even at the very tough early days of the business but our belief and passion in what we are doing has led to us continuing to grow and help more people.”

“The changes we’ve seen in people have been amazing,” said Joanne.

“We’ve had people come in who at first don’t want to be here and then leave transformed, wanting to do more courses and more with their lives.”

Uplift Investing in You was created to serve the local community and challenge the North East’s biggest social issues, helping the community to live happier and healthier lives.

“Our vision is to help the hardest to reach in the community to overcome barriers, lead better lives and improve their opportunities,” said Joanne.

The company has transformed the unit at the Bridges into a bright, colourful and welcoming space and is committed to addressing the challenges in the area caused by digital exclusion.

The aim now is to provide courses which will upskill the community along with giving them the tools for modern life covering everything from how to use the internet to surviving inflation.

Uplift is supported by Greggs which weekly gives them a supply of food to hand out and also helps people on limited funds with way to budget and manage their money.

“We want to be a service which literally looks after people throughout their lives,” said Joanne.

“We love what we do and are delighted to now be right in the heart of Sunderland.”

Karen Eve, Centre Director at the Bridges, welcomed Uplift to the centre.

“Uplift is an incredible company which does so much to help so many people,” she said.

“We are delighted they have chosen to make the base for their CIC company here in the Bridges and we know they will be a huge success.”

For further information visit www.upliftassociates.co.uk

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