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Introduction – MultiLab Limited, based in Throckley, Newcastle upon Tyne, are a SME quartz glass manufacturer.  The business’s current planning and scheduling system is not fit for purpose, and the business is planning to invest in a new bespoke planning software package which can bolt onto existing business systems. 

Background– The current manufacturing planning system is not fit for purpose and consumes significant time and resource to correct and create manual shop floor plans.  Shop floor scheduling is carried out based on treating operators as a resource with different capability levels.  The current system does not support this approach.  A further problem is that the planning system breaks a single operation down into multiple operations which if adopted means that operators have to start and stop an operation then transfer to another job, and then back again.  This is operationally inefficient and impractical.  A planning solution is required which can integrate into other business systems.

The Project – MultiLab require a bespoke workshop planning system which can integrate with other systems, with the following key requirements:

  • Planning system to cover all workshop activities.
  • Planning system should be capable of back-scheduling and also forward scheduling.
  • System to plan activities using operators as the resource to be planned, treating each operator as a resource with different capabilities
  • Once system is available, the Planner will assign a skill level to each operation on a job by job basis (Preparation may be done on a Pareto basis, pre-planning common jobs).
  • The planning system will then be required to assign an operator based on availability and skill level to meet required completion date.
  • The planning system should be able to produce monthly, weekly and daily production schedules.
  • The planning system should be capable of creating an updated production schedule on demand.

How to respond

Please email to express interest in preparing and submitting a technical and commercial proposal to undertake this project.  On signing of a NDA, you will be provided with a detailed Statement of requirement.

Please develop a proposal based around the criteria provided in the Statement of Requirement and submit your response via email to; see Key Dates below. If you have any questions regarding this tender opportunity please contact Paul Jackman on

Key Dates:-

9th May 2022 – Tender Publication

23rd May 2022 – Deadline for expression of interest and questions, Deadline for Tender submission and removal from websites.

Please include the following in your response:

  • An overview of the company/individual submitting the proposal
  • Detail on how you will deliver the required specification
  • Timescales for development
  • At least three examples of relevant work you have carried out
  • Price structure

How we will select a provider

We will use the following criteria to select a provider for this work:

Demonstrable expertise within manufacturing planning software development30%
Quality of proposal against tender specification30%
Value for money20%
Ability of company/individual20%

Value for Money, please note the lowest score will attract the highest mark, the next lowest tender will attract the next highest mark, and so on.

Due Diligence you will be required to:

  • Technical/Product specification will only be released to providers who can demonstrate experience in development of bespoke manufacturing planning software for an Engineer-to-Order manufacturing environment
  • Sign an NDA
  • Sign a contract that ensures that all IP will be sign over to MultiLab Limited
  • Undertake a PQQ process in line with our funders

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