Pre-qualification and selection process for energy efficient lighting at North East BIC

Introduction and background

  1. The North East BIC (the BIC) are looking to procure the supply and installation of energy efficient lighting within the communal, staff and meeting areas of the BIC.
  2. This installation will assist in the BIC’s sustainability plans.  The BIC currently provides business support and workspace to a diverse range of businesses in the region. Our Sunderland location has over 200 premises across 14 acres.  The installation will provide LED and sensor lighting to the communal areas within some of the 8 buildings.
  3. As well as the communal areas there are 5 meeting and conferencing rooms and BIC staff occupied space.  These areas will also be being converted to energy efficient lighting.
  4. The lighting contractor is scheduled to provide installation from 1st October 2022.
  5. The lighting contractor will supply fittings with a minimum 5-year warranty.

Scope of contract

  1. The supply and installation of LED and sensor lighting to various areas within the BIC.
  2. Removal and disposal of redundant fittings.
  3. The solution should meet current regulations and provide a minimum of a 5-year warranty.
  4. The current lighting system fittings vary from area to area, the new system will provide continuity throughout the building.
  5. We would be interested in responses modelled around delivering a more energy efficient lighting system and keeping the following in mind:
    • The buildings are occupied by BIC tenants, therefore, disruption must be kept to a minimum.
    • The areas to be installed will need to allow for normal business access
    • The lighting contractor will need to familiarise themselves with the building and communal areas, as the installation will cover many smaller areas within buildings.

Selection criteria

  1. The BIC is seeking a supplier who will display good value for money. Will engage in a partnership approach to the project and gain a good knowledge of the building and layout.
  2. Suppliers to complete a pre qualifying questionnaire (PQQ) detailing their solution.  It is anticipated that the capital budget will be in the order of circa £37,000.00

Instructions to suppliers

  1. Suppliers interested in this opportunity should express such interest via email to Donna Surtees by 9th August 2022.

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