12 Days of Start Up Day Five: I network therefore I am

Preview 23-10-07 (13).JPGThis 12 Days of Start Up series aims to provide you with all the information you need to get on the right path to self employment. Starting a business can be like climbing a mountain, it may look daunting from the bottom but focus on one step at a time and you’ll soon be at the top. Past days can be found here.

Your business is nearly up and running. You’ve completed your market research; understand your competition and your business plan is in place.

Now is the time to enter into the work of networking.

But which events do you attend? Is this the best use of your time as a start up? Shouldn’t you be busy building your business and getting ready to launch?

The basic idea behind a start up networking event is to help people connect. For example they can help a developer meet a designer. It gives start ups the opportunities to see what other people are working on as well as understanding the competition.

A networking event at its core is about expanding your network because when it comes to starting a business; though what you know is great, who you know may be even better.

There are various networking events you can attend and here are just a few.

The Mussel Club

Sunderland Business Network

Network North

North East Chamber of Commerce

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