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By Thomas Embleton

The North East Business and Innovation Centre welcomed Patrick Somers on a work experience so he could gain key skills and knowledge from various different sectors.

Patrick spent time with the different teams at the BIC including, start-up, innovation, marketing, services and IT. Throughout the week, Patrick gained a clear insight into how the BIC provides business support and he took a particular interest in the BIC’s IT department.

“I have gained a lot of key skills from working with the range of teams and people at the BIC,” said Patrick, “but I have benefited mostly from working with the IT department.

“In the future I want to work in IT and I feel more confident after gaining essential work experience and knowledge from the BIC.”

The youngster also has a major interest in coding and spent time with the BIC’s web and data specialist, Chris Walker.

“The training I received on coding was great and the information I gained on cyber security was possibly the most interesting.

“The knowledge I have gained has inspired me even more to learn and develop further before I go on to study at college.” Patrick added.

Our friendly teams here at the BIC are always welcoming of ambitious people (and companies) who want to learn and develop, both personally and as a business.

Also, if you’re thinking of starting a new business, the start-up team would be more than happy for you to pop in and receive free business advice from our experienced business advisers.

Please click here if you wish to contact the BIC.

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