Business mentors – good for business

Shirley Hermiston, North East BICI recently read with interest an article by Katie Bulmer-Cooke, highlighting the need for mentors to share their knowledge with others who are just starting out in the world of business.

I was delighted to see a successful business owner talking about self-employment in this way, and was interested to learn about the advice Katie was given when she first started her business.

In the article Katie makes a valid point that “those with experience in a particular role or industry have so much to offer people who are just starting out.”

There are organisations out there, the North East Business & Innovation Centre (BIC) being one of them, who offer business support services through experienced business advisers. Offering advice on how to write a business plan, the legal requirements of setting up a business and the steps that need to be followed to get the business off the ground. However, I do believe that those who have ‘been there, and done that’ have a vast knowledge and insight to offer those who are just starting their business journey.

So why have a mentor? They can be an invaluable resource to entrepreneurs and can advise based on actual experiences. It’s also good to get a fresh perspective and have someone who can offer an alternative opinion.

But help doesn’t always need to come from a mentor as such. For instance take the social media café at the BIC which is led by a social media expert, however, the real benefit is that the attendees share their ideas and lessons learned.

A good mentor can give you the confidence and encouragement needed to take your ideas forward, and having experience they can often come up with practical solutions to problems when you hit a stumbling block.

Remember you don’t always need to formally seek a business mentor, it could be someone you meet while networking or at an event who you happen to build up a rapport with.

Here at the BIC we not only provide practical advice for start-up’s but also offer a unique mix of business support and accommodation for companies at every stage.

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