Giving up the day job

Last month I talked about Sunderland being the right place for you to start a business.

But what about when you start your business, and have yet to take the leap and fully commit to your venture by giving up your day job?

I want to give our start up clients the right guidance and try to avoid cliche phrases like “just go for it” or “stop wishing start doing.” Of course motivational quotes are all well and good but I try to remember that clients may have bills to pay, an imminent pregnancy in the family or even perhaps the responsibility of an elderly parent. It is your responsibility to be honest with yourself about your circumstances and then make an informed decision.

Giving up the security of a full time job is a risky and stressful move and some people see self-employment as a valuable option to being made redundant. But what if the current situation sees you raising the profile of your own business as well as working for another? This is also something to contemplate.

Running your own business will change your lifestyle structure. No longer getting up, going to work for a set number of hours, interacting with co-workers and even a set lunch time! Starting a business can be anything but structured. There will be long, hard hours very often spent alone and before taking the full leap to self-employment a new lifestyle is something to be considered.

So do you have the discipline to be your own boss?  Even when you know you are onto something special with your business idea, you may still have to convince your friends and family.

Here at the BIC we work with you to decide when the time is right to fully commit to your new venture.

Whatever your stage of starting a business whether it’s merely an idea in your head or you have some solid research already done make an appointment with our Start Up team and let us guide you to success. We would love to be part of your journey. Call today on 0191 516 6149.

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