Our checklist for a stress-free office move

Office move

By Donna Surtees, Centre Manager 

One of the most stressful things in life is moving home. But no one mentions moving office! Think positively, this is the next step of your business. Use our check list to make your move as stress-free as possible and take the opportunity to get rid of those ‘very important’ print-outs that have been in the back of your desk for years. Good luck and remember which box the kettle was packed in.

Location, Location, Location
Finding the perfect location for a new or additional office is very important. When choosing your location, consider where your employees live, as you want to be sure their new commute will be as painless as possible. Here at the BIC we boast free parking, plus we’re just off the A19, which connects Newcastle, Sunderland and Teesside.

Give yourself time
Moving in to a new office can take longer than you might think. Make sure you read your current lease before making concrete plans, following any procedures outlined. Then once everything is in order, allow yourself anything from 1-12 months to complete the move. It is vital to ensure that your IT and telecommunications providers are notified of your move, and that you allow enough time for any systems to be transferred over. It’s also essential to create a moving timeline with regards to IT, telecoms, furniture movers, and keeping your staff and clients updated too.

Room to grow
You may only have 6 members of staff now, but in 2 years time you might be heading up a team of 20! Will your new space offer the flexibility you need to expand? Remember, it’s a lot easier to move to a bigger office on the same site, than to move to a new location! The BIC is fortunate to have a range of offices across their site, and many companies here have grown from a start-up business to a company of 5-10 people within the first 5 years.

Design your space
Once you pick your new location make sure you create a detailed floor plan, so you can design a layout that will meet your needs. Another important step is to check what the Wi-Fi and phone signal is like in your new space. Does your new location have a cafe or meeting rooms? Also does your new office offer you the flexibility to design a look and feel that match your brand?

Office space Sunderland

Follow the leader
It’s beneficial to assign a project lead when it comes to the move, and often this will fall on the owners of the company, or the office manager. They will be able to coordinate everything move-related, as well as manage the communication with your building providers, current staff, movers and clients.

Back it up
Ensuring that you have backed up all your data is extremely important in an office move. Safeguarding both staff and client data will make your move a lot less stressful.

Moving is the perfect opportunity to clear up and de-clutter your office. Be clear on what you need to keep and what you can discard. Make sure any sensitive data is disposed of securely. Also by getting rid of any old or worn out furniture, you will be able to invest in new equipment for your new office.

Get the movers in
Hiring a professional company should make the transition much smoother, as they will take care of all your big, heavy items and can also provide packing materials and boxes for your staff to pack up their desk area and equipment.

New address
Pre-empt your move by ensuring that your bank, tax office, insurance company and Google have all been informed of your change of address. You’ll also need to make sure that new letterheads and business cards have been printed. On the day of the move, you can update your website, social media accounts and email signatures. Plus, you’ll either want to call or email all of your contacts to inform them of your official move.

Settling in
Allow your team some time to settle in to their new home, make a point of giving them a tour of the building’s facilities, and let them know if there are any staff perks. For example, free car parking, on-site fitness classes, business support or networking events, all of which are available here at the BIC! Then to lift everyone’s spirits after the move, why not celebrate by hosting an office party to celebrate everything that you’ve achieved together.

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