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Mixed messages should not detract entrepreneurs 30th January 2012

A recent report by the Centre for Cities places the North East’s three biggest centres of population at or close to the bottom of a league table for business start-ups. Out of the 64...

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Our pledge to support Sunderland’s bid to host Green Investment Bank 16th January 2012

Earlier this month Sunderland City Council announced the exciting news that it has entered the race to host the world’s first Green Investment Bank.As chief executive of the North East Business and Innovation Centre...

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Farewell to the Hero 1st January 2012

Some say there are no accidents in life; that everything happens for a reason and that no matter how you choose to perceive things they happen so that you can learn from them.When a...

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Ringing out the old and welcoming in the new 1st January 2012

Looking back over some of the highs and lows of the year… There is no doubt that the heavy snow fall in January 2011 resulted in a frosty start for many businesses, and whilst...

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Support still exists despite shifting landscape 7th December 2011

Whilst the current transformation of Business Link will undoubtedly alter the landscape of enterprise in the region, I feel it is an important time to acknowledge the wealth of support which will still exist...

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Slipway Centre renovation plans 1st December 2011

As part of our ongoing refurbishment of the BIC site, the Slipway Centre, which is home to 22 of our tenant companies, is set to undergo a transformation over the next month.A new façade...

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As the storm continues, don’t bury your head in the sand 28th October 2011

As developments in Europe spark fears of a severe deepening in the global financial crisis, leading to speculation over the possibility of a double dip recession, the humble SME must again prepare to be...

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The BIC opinion poll 4th October 2011

Research conducted by the North East BIC highlights that one of the main ambitions of small business owners is to ‘grow business and become a larger employer’, yet year on year national and regional...

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Redundancies can help to fuel entrepreneurial surge 7th April 2011

As we face an estimated 50,000 public sector job losses in the North East, a huge question mark sits over whether the region’s private sector is in any way strong enough to absorb the...

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