My week of work at the BIC

Jess Walker, Boldon School, One week Placement 

“Currently I am on my third day of a week’s work experience at the BIC.

Jess Walker

Jess writing her blog

I was semi familiar with the BIC before coming to do work experience, my mum works in one of the business’ (TEDCO Business Support) located in the BIC building so I thought that doing work experience here would be ideal as I would be able to alternate between the different departments available as well as getting free lifts to the building and my dinner paid for.

By visiting a different department each day this has allowed me to widen my horizon regarding possible careers once I have completed my time at Boldon School.

(I am in year 10 and the thought of having to choose a job immediately to do for the rest of my life sickens me greatly! Not to mention the added pressure of knowing that in a matter of months I will be thrust into the ‘real world’ and forced to actually do something with my life).

bic atrium

The atrium at the BIC, a place for meetings, networking…and lunch!

So doing work experience at the BIC will allow me to gain more knowledge on the inner workings of how this social enterprise works and how each of the departments all fit together like a puzzle to allow a smooth and harmonious running of the overall business. There are many aspects to the BIC; office space, start up programme not to mention all the varieties of programmes and events the BIC run! Phew! 

By gaining a wide variety of different skills at the BIC it has put me more at ease about embarking on a career in the future. So far I have done an array of various Reception tasks, such as sorting through and distributing post as well as Emailing tenants. I joined BIC services area on Tuesday and assisted with the booking of meeting rooms and handling invoices.

On my first day I toured around the 14 acre site and I was amazed by all the different job roles in the separate departments. It seemed like all the people in one department such as the marketing department, had completely disparate yet intriguing roles to each other. This was pleasantly surprising as it was the polar opposite of the preconceived monotonous office work that I conjured up before arriving at the start of the Week.

I feel like I have gained a more in-depth understanding of the world of work and I am eager to see what the people at BIC have in store for me for the rest of the week.”

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