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River View Clinic
Beverley Ashton

First-of-its kind clinic and academy to open

A North East health professional who has worked in clinics across the globe is launching a first-of-its-kind practice and training academy in the region. 

Over the past 20 years, Beverley Ashton’s profession has seen her work in leading practices on Harley Street, the cobbled streets of Prague and even St. Petersburg.

However, she is now swapping her air miles for Northern smiles as she enhances her aesthetic clinic and training academy in the city of Sunderland.

The academy, which will provide a mixture of online and intensive one-to-one training, will be based at the company’s state-of-the-art River View Clinic at the North East BIC and will lead to the creation of a number of new roles.

The intensive training courses, which last for up to four weeks, compared to the one or two-day courses most commonly associated with aesthetics, will allow health professionals to shadow Beverley in real-life situations and receive hands-on training, expertise, and support.

“This is a really exciting moment for us,” Beverley said. “Aesthetics isn’t regulated as an industry and – having worked with Botox in hospitals for a number of years – I found that many trained nurses and health professionals just didn’t have the confidence or skills to set up on their own. 

“So, having spent the best part of two decades training and constantly updating my skills across the globe, I decided to address the issue head-on. I realised there was a real gap in the market to offer basic and advanced training to help health professionals gain the confidence required to set up on their own.

“Those who sign up will initially undertake online training before visiting the clinic. The clinic will offer an environment which allows trainees, to work closely with Beverley and perfect their skills.

“The training course has also been recommended by one of the world’s leading aesthetic insurance companies, so those who take up the training can rest assured they really are in the best possible hands.”

River View Clinic

The investment into River View Clinic follows the successful launch of Male Ageing Pro in 2019, which provides comprehensive male medical health checks, and assessments for deficiencies in hormones and vitamins as well as male aesthetics. 

As well as the training academy, River View Clinic will also offer new services such as colonic irrigation, vitamin infusions and sport massage, following an investment by Beverley into new equipment and staff. 

“If there’s one thing we learned setting up during the pandemic, it was that people have become more health conscious than ever before, especially men, which is why we’ve continued to invest in our new services. 

“Whether you’re a man or woman, everyone is looking after their health more and no two people have the same requirements. Whether it’s balancing hormones or vitamins, we all age differently and our clinic incorporates all of that, providing a great environment, which is confidential and safe, where you can choose from a menu of the services you require and receive a tailored anti-ageing plan meeting your exact needs.

“And the same can also be said for our training. We know people learn in a variety of ways and by offering intensive training to our trainees, they can put what they learn into practice in a real-life situation, before going out into the big-wide-world and doing it for themselves. It’ll be truly unique for the region.” For more information on the training and services at River View Clinic, visit: https://riverviewclinic.co.uk/ or follow @Riverviewclinic on Facebook

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