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The Canine Physiotherapy & Performance Centre
Joanne Thompson, The Canine Physiotherapy and Performance Centre

Physio centre dedicated to dogs opens at the BIC

A lifelong love of animals has led Joanne Thompson to open a physiotherapy therapy centre dedicated to dogs at the North East BIC.

Animal physiotherapist Joanne has built up a loyal customer base for her mobile services for dogs over the past eight years, with clients spanning the region.

Now, she is launching The Canine Physiotherapy and Performance Centre at the Sunderland business park to provide dog owners with a fully-equipped space, dedicated to getting their beloved pets feeling more comfortable, fitter and healthier.

“I’ve wanted to work with animals for as long as I can remember so opening the doors to my very own centre is the highlight so far of my career,” said Joanne.

“There is a huge demand for the services of animal physiotherapists and a big skills shortage so I hope the centre will make it easier for more animals to get the treatment they need.”

Joanne qualified as an animal physiotherapist in 2013 and practiced at a veterinary hospital alongside setting up her own mobile business. She works in close contact with her clients’ vets to tailor a course of treatment and home care advice based on a medical diagnosis.

The Canine Physiotherapy and Performance Centre

The Canine Physiotherapy and Performance Centre will offer a range of services including manual therapies such as massage, electrotherapies such as laser, ultrasound and TENS, treadmill sessions and individual exercise programmes. Through the promotion of healthy movement, the centre aims to reduce pain, enhance flexibility and strength, improve quality of life and maximise performance in sporting dogs.

“I work with everything from injured dogs that have fallen off cliffs or been run over and need to recover from surgery, to elderly dogs whose lives we can extend and make more comfortable”, added Joanne.

“It’s an absolute privilege to be given the chance to nurture them back to health and provide simple tips to make things easier at home and improve their quality of life. It’s amazing when I see them back to their usual selves and living their best life!”

Joanne had her heart set on a riverside unit at the North East BIC for her new centre and seized the opportunity to secure the keys when one became available.

“I love the atmosphere here so I was prepared to wait, because there’s nowhere else I’d want to be,” she said. “We have our own self-contained unit with toilet and kitchen and the freedom to come and go as we please, but we are still part of a buzzing community.

“We also have a dedicated parking space right at the door, meaning clients can easily bring in their disabled animals. The whole team onsite is really helpful and friendly and have great customer service skills.”

BIC Centre Manager Donna Surtees added: “Joanne’s animal physiotherapy centre is the latest example of a new wave of diverse businesses that have decided to make their home at the BIC and we are thrilled to welcome Joanne into the family.

“Our units are purposely designed to be flexible enough to accommodate all kinds of businesses, as Joanne will find with her neighbours including everything from a beauty salon and artisan bakery to science labs and call centres.”

For more information about The Canine Physiotherapy and Performance Centre visit

For more information about the workspaces and support available at the North East BIC visit or call 0191 516 6200. 

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