Chris and Senga Kean

Support group launched for couples in business

Sunderland Strategic Marketing Agency dodio – The Do Studio ran by Husband and Wife team Chris and Senga Kean for over a decade have launched “The Rock Hoppers” group for couples (throuples, polycules or constellations) in business together.

For Chris and Senga, launching dodio was the realisation of a shared dream. They each have a passion, a common vision and a belief that they could build a business that would allow them to apply their skills to support clients they’d enjoy working with and to deliver projects to be proud of. Along the way, they’ve loved meeting other couples in business and like kindred spirits they often recognise similar values, ethos and gallows humour in them and that can’t fail but to build an immediate rapport.

Chris said “Each conversation with these guys is enlightening, we always learn something and hopefully occasionally we give something too.”

But there’s no dedicated support for couples in business and whether it comes from a genuine place of wanting to meet and support like minded couples or is a thinly veiled cry for help from one half of a partnership that’s reached their wits’ end, Senga identified this and The Rock Hoppers was conceived.

Senga added “The aim of the group is to provide advice and support through a mix of fun, informal networking events, podcasts and social occasions.”

Data shows that more and more couples are choosing to venture into business together with many polarising opinions as to whether it’s a good idea or not. Aligning work and life goals under the shared stewardship of any family business can be complex. Couples stand out further because of their need to balance business and home life.

Named after the hardy, mated for life, obstacle overcoming penguins, The Rock Hoppers will venture across the business landscape to build a colony of couples who’ve taken the leap into business together.

They’ll be huddling together to offer and accept support and advice in person and online, with a mix of fun, informal networking events, podcasts and social occasions.

So if you’re working with your partner or just dreaming about the day and are wondering “waddle we do next”, they’d love to hear from you

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